About Marianne Center

We are focussing on people with a mild to moderate mental handicap from the age of 15 till 50 years. Establishing a training center for this group, gives them and their parents hope for a better future.

People who are mentally challenged in Kenya (approximately 2,9 million) face extra difficulties in their lives. Many Kenyans still associate people who are mentally challenged with black magic and witchcraft and little has been done to combat this stigmatization.

Most people who are mentally challenged have a mild to moderate mental retardation. However, they can learn and are capable of developing skills throughout their lives. They have a wide range of talents that can be discovered at any moment in their childhood.

The importance of establishing this training center is confirmed by the most prominent and influential welfare organizations in the field of mentally disabled in Kenya and the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

One of the major shortcomings of the current educational system for (young) adults with a mental disability is that they are too old to be enrolled in a primary school, but mentally not capable to attend a normal secondary school. Currently there are 734 primary schools with special units for children with a mental disability until the age of 15 years.

After primary school a lot of these children drop out of school because there is no place for them to go. The result is that they again have to stay home where they often are left idle.

Vision & Mission



Our vision is to place people who are mentally challenged back in society and create awareness about their potential among Kenyans, as a result they will be accepted and loved.



To empower people who are mentally challenged to enable them to become more self reliant and fully integrated and accepted members of the society.


Our logo was created by Marianne Janssen

Marianne is the sister-in-law of founder Nelie Janssen, she lives in The Netherlands and has Down Syndrome.

Marianne is 36 years old and lives with other friends who are mentally challenged in a house where they have their own bedroom and share the living room and the kitchen. She can manage to wash herself, to dress herself, and to help out with the different choirs in the household.

Marianne goes to a day activity centre where she helps out with different chores like shredding papers. Marianne loves to paint and is the one who designed the logo of Marianne Center.

She achieved all of this because she got the opportunity to go to school and to improve her skills.

What Marianne achieved is what we wish the young adults in our center will also achieve.

Marianne is a great example for people who are mentally challenged. With proper training and guidance she was able to maximize her potential and live a happy and joyful life. We hope that with Marianne Center we achieve the same for our students!

Marianne Center

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