Marianne Center needs your support! You can help us in different ways: become a volunteer, do a donation or come work with us.

Watch our promotional movie which shows you why Marianne Center needs your support.

Become a volunteer

To become a volunteer you need to meet our requirements.

Criteria volunteers

  • Assertive
  • Show initiative
  • Flexible
  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Able to adjust to the culture and the life in Kenya
  • Motivated
  • Able to speak English

Assignments for Marianne Center

  • Graduation and post-graduation plan
  • Design a plan for awareness activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation of our ongoing programmes
  • Design trainings for teachers and parents
  • Design a plan for income generating activities
  • Organize sponsor activities
  • Create your own plan!

A volunteer will be part of the management team and will be participating in all meetings and decisions.
We expect from volunteers to help out for at least 8 weeks.


You will be staying at either Marianne Center or at a nearby host family. Marianne Center will, in agreement with you, arrange your stay. This will cost you approximately 250 dollars a month (depending on the exchange rate). This includes food, accommodation and airport pick up.  Marianne Center will pick you from the airport and bring you to your host family. We also arrange your  introduction about the do’s and dont’s of Kenya.

You can buy a visa for 50 dollars when you arrive at the airport in Nairobi.

There are lots of opportunities to enjoy Kenya besides your work. We can help you arrange fantastic safaris and trips to the coast and meet people from all over the world.

The experience of our previous volunteer Tom George:

“I’d been looking for a volunteering opportunity where I could gain some more experience working with young adults with learning disabilities, particularly on the care side, and Marianne sounded like the ideal place – it also helped that they don’t charge high fees for volunteers like many other places do. From the moment I arrived I could see the students were going to have a big effect on me. They are all very positive people, many of whom have very little, or come from very difficult backgrounds. They are always keen to help others and are some of the most selfless and caring people I have been privileged to meet. 
Life at the Centre is fairly basic – I slept in the dorm with the male students, although I did have a section to myself. The toilet, showering and food are all very basic, although it is possible to cook your own food if you like. The Centre is in a fairly remote location, but you can get to Limuru (the nearest big town) in under an hour. I spent the vast majority of my time at the Centre, because I enjoyed being with the students so much, and they hugely appreciate you spending time with them. My usual day consisted of an early start to get myself ready, before helping the students get ready for the day. This involved helping with dressing, washing, medicines, breakfast, cleaning and any other chores that needed doing before heading into school. The school is on site, so there isn’t far to travel. As I had teaching experience I was used to good effect in the school. Some days this would be supporting individual pupils with set tasks, and on days when teachers were off I would sometimes be asked to take the classes myself. The language barrier can be tricky, only a handful of students speak some English, a few more some Swahili, but most only really speak the local language (Kikuyu). I would advise anyone visiting Marianne to try to learn some basic Kikuyu before you go, as it can make a big difference.
Once the school day had finished, I would be back to helping the students with daily living activities, this could be doing their laundry, cleaning the school, or practising other life skills, but a big part of the time outside school was spent just chatting, singing, dancing and constantly laughing with the students. Their positivity and support of each other really is incredible, and I saw very few of the arguments or complaints that you would see in a typical English school. I had to leave Marianne earlier than expected, but I still miss the students and would love to go back one day. I would encourage anyone to volunteer here, but to have an awareness that it is a remote basic place, but one that will change your perspective on life in a very good way!”

Do a donation

We would really appreciate a donation from you. Make sure your name and address is clear on the transfer so we can update you about what has happened to your donation.

Bank details Marianne Center:

Bank name: Barclays Bank
Branche: Queens way branche
Postal Address: 30011, Mama Ngina Street
Place and Country: Nairobi, Kenya
Account number: 89 11 426
SWIFT code bank: BARCKENX 03
IBAN or BIC number: 03-094-8911426 (03 is bank code, 094 branch code)

Come work with us

In the past years Marianne Center has proven to contribute a lot to the lives of people with a mental disability. We therefore see the need of continuing with our activities for many years to come. Currently our focus is on becoming financial independent. It is not realistic to continue fund raising year after year, hence financial sustainability is crucial for the continuation of Marianne Center. This requires investments to be able to set up income generating activities (like a poultry farm and greenhouses) and construct our own premises to eliminate the high renting costs. Our goal is to become financial independent by 2015.

In order to be able to achieve this goal we need all the help we can get. We are looking for someone who can donate some of his/her time to help us search for funds to help us become financial independent, so that the future of Marianne Center and her activities, and most importantly the future of our mentally disabled students, is secure!

We are always looking for volunteers. If in any way you think you can contribute to this humble project, please get in contact with us.

Help out

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